Cellular based precise nutrition production could feed the world using a land area smaller than New York City

Pronutria offers a scalable solution to the rising economic, human, and environmental cost of food. Our Nutriculture™ technology is so efficient at producing pure nutrients, it could satisfy the global demand for protein ingredients in a land area smaller than New York City and meet the daily protein requirements for a billion people in a land area no bigger than Rhode Island.

The Pronutria process is radically more efficient than current agriculture and livestock cultivation, and produces pure nutrition up to 1,000 times more efficiently, with minimal environmental impact and maximal nutrition quality.

Livestock alone occupy 45 percent of the world’s land surface area and contribute more greenhouse gas emissions than cars, planes, and all other forms of transportation combined. Even with the yield improvements offered by GMO crops, these 10,000-year-old technologies are simply too resource inefficient to meet the world’s growing demand for nutritious food.

Fixing undernutrition and starvation

Pronutria is partnered with leading global players such as the Clinton Health Access Initiative and the Gates Foundation to transform undernutrition. Our Nutriculture production system will locally produce pure, nutritious proteins that are complimentary to local production on small farms, which yield foods such as grains and roots that are rich in carbohydrate but low in protein. These combinations will mean a well-rounded nutrition profile, which can be the difference between a healthy and productive life and sickness or death for millions struggling to feed themselves.

Today 925 million people are undernourished, and demand for food is expected to increase by 50 percent by 2030. The most common form of undernutrition is protein-energy malnutrition, which is the leading cause of childhood death in Southeast Asia and in Africa. Without adequate protein, children cannot grow to normal size, muscles cannot repair themselves, and minds cannot reach their full potential, leading to a lifetime of impairment in productivity even for those who survive. T

How Pronutria does it

Pronutria has built an unprecedented database of the proteins known to be in the human diet worldwide. Through proprietary algorithmic searching and computational modeling, we select the most nutritious, best-tasting, and highest-functional-performance proteins within food. This tool also allows us to select only those proteins capable of meeting precise end product needs and eliminating the historical tradeoffs between health, taste, and processing considerations such as solubility and stability.

The central breakthrough in Pronutria’s technology is the discovery that single photosynthetic cells can be optimized to allow for the continuous and ultra-efficient production of essential proteins, lipids, sugars, or vitamins, using only sunlight, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and either fresh or salt water as inputs. Pronutria has built a library of photosynthetic cells from saltwater, freshwater, high-temperature, and other environments and has identified those cells best suited for high-efficiency production and global deployment.

Customized Proteins for taste and any product supplementation

Pronutria produces Essenteins to achieve maximal nutrition, taste, and consumer convenience through flexible product forms. By contrast, conventional proteins require both consumers and product manufacturers to make significant trade-offs. As examples, improvement of product nutrition typically worsens the product taste; improvement of taste undermines nutrition; improvement of shelf life sacrifices both nutrition and taste. Pronutria eliminates these trade-offs.
Ultra-nutritious Essenteins

Pronutria produces Essenteins to meet high-performance nutritional standards that current foods cannot achieve. Essenteins are proteins for optimal muscle growth and retention under stress; proteins for accelerated recovery from injury; and proteins for satiety, dieting, mental focus, and metabolic syndrome.
Taste-optimized Essenteins

Pronutria has identified protein families that are taste neutral; others that are sweet; and still others that replicate the taste and mouth feel of fats—fundamentally reshaping assumptions about nutrition and taste and allowing a new generation of “no compromises” performance nutrition. In contrast, current pure protein sources, such as whey, soy, and egg, along with free amino acid formulations, all suffer substantially from unpleasant or bitter taste profiles.

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