Goodbye to blogs – the Oil Drum and Alfin2100


Alfin had several blogs and published regularly each week. Alfin suddenly stopped publishing on January 27, 2013 and did not respond to moderate any comments. This circumstantial evidence would suggest a sudden change (like bad health). If Alfin is still around, best wishes and if not then Goodbye to good blogs.

The Oil Drum going to Archive July 31, 2013
The website theOildrum will convert to archive mode after July 31, 2013. Those behind the Oildrum made this decision due to scarcity of new content caused by a dwindling number of contributors.

I have written a few article for theOildrum.

Nuclear Power for the Oilsands.

Uranium supplies are likely to be adequate until 2020

I know that a few years ago the board at theOildrum chose to restrict what they chose to publish.

The lack of content and contributors was a self inflicted problem at theoildrum.

Engineer Poet was a contributor who was forced out.

Engineer Poet blogs at Ergosphere

Stoneleigh was also a contributor who was forced out.

Stoneleigh writes at the Automatic Earth

Robert Rapier used to contribute and he is now at the Energy Trends Insider

I had occasionally (once a year) sent drafts of articles to the editors but they were not interested.

In 2011, the situation for posts at the Oil drum. They are submitted and voted on. They needed to get enough yes votes to be published.

Nextbigfuture covers energy (nuclear fission, nuclear fusion, oil, natural gas, coal, solar, wind, biofuels, hydro, low energy nuclear reactions / cold fusion).

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