More Pictures from the Start of Construction for the Sky City Skyscraper

The Skyscrapercity forum has pictures from the China Broad Group 202 story building site. Site preparation has started and the actual assembly of the world’s tallest building will take 7 months.

(H/T to readers Anthony Scalzi and phamnuwen for the additional information)

Chinese urban per capita area of ​​about 500 square meters
Sky City Urban per capita area of ​​only 4 square meters (including buildings surrounding land)
• construction area of ​​1.05 million square meters
The base is 9,000 square meters, floor Covering rate of 1%, significantly reducing construction
Building area

In the past, high-rise building energy consumption was much higher than conventional buildings but the Sky City will be the opposite. It will use a lot less energy
• 20 cm wall insulation (walls 70% decrease heat loss)
• quadruple glazing (windows 60% decrease heat loss)
• window shade (located at the outer glass inside, isolated heat)
• New air heat recovery (reducing ventilation heat loss 80%)
• CCHP (equal to the cooling and heating without energy)
• HVAC annual energy 90kWh/m2 (9 liters of oil equivalent)

More than 30 buildings have been built using the factory mass production (can be built) Broad Group method.

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