Report from China indicates that site preparation has started for the 202 story Broad Group Sky City Skyscraper

Broad Group of China has started onsite work for the “building as a city” Sky City skyscraper. It is desiged to have a total height of 838 meters which would be 10 meters taller the current world’s tallest building the Burj Khalifa 10. On the evening of July 18 evening, Changsha Broad Group signed a “Sky City” construction contract. The total package price is 5.25 billion yuan. Broad Technology Group CEO Zhang Yue and the general manager of Tang Ying five innings chairman Lugui Qing attended. The Changsha City Sky will be built in the Hope Town Waterfront Park. It will hae underground reinforced concrete structure and an all-steel frame. It will have a total construction area of 1.2 million square meters. 30,000 people will work and live fully functional vertical city. On the afternoon of July 19 in Changsha Hope Town, the ambitious “Sky City” Lot has started construction.

Broad Group declined to discuss progress on the “Sky City” progress. At 14:30 on July 19, Changsha City Jinxing Avenue looking north, rumbling sound coming from the side of the road, two excavators and a bulldozer are busy in construction, excavators gravel spread on yellow dirt road, dusty ground.

In November 2012, Sky City Investment bought 100.95 acres of land at Osawa lake for the price to 389.77 million yuan.

An insider said the underground construction needs six months. The other building construction will use the factory mass production method to build 202 stories in 6-7 months. The overall estimated time to completion is the summer of next year (2014).

They have very good air purification systems for reducing indoor air pollution by over 99%.
The factory built system would reduce construction dust air pollution.

They envision clean offices, homes (up to 3000 square feet), hospitals, schools, exercise facilities, pools, restaurants and grocery stores.

They are projecting multiple Sky cities making up the urban core and enabling a lot more green space.

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