Alternative to Keystone pipeline clears Canadian Federal Review panel with a lot of conditions

A federal review panel says the proposed $7.9-bilion Northern Gateway pipeline project should go ahead if more than 200 conditions are met.

A National Energy Board review panel released its report into the proposed project Thursday afternoon, after months of public hearings.

The 429-page report included some 209 conditions that Calgary-based Enbridge must meet in order to build the pipeline.

The nearly 1,200-kilometre pipeline would carry Alberta oil from Bruderheim, Alta., to a port in Kitimat in northern B.C., where it can be loaded onto tankers and shipped to markets in Asia.

The pipeline would carry 525,000 barrels of oil a day from Alberta to B.C. The report estimated the project’s cost at $7.9 billion, up from $6.5 billion.

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