Carnival of Nuclear Energy 196

The Carnival of Nuclear Energy 196 is up at the Energy Reality Project.

Nextbigfuture – Transatomic Power presents their molten salt reactor at Google Solve for X 2014

Transatomic Power is developing a molten salt reactor. They are using a zirconium hydride moderator instead of graphite. They also use a different salt. They presented at Google Solve for X 2014. They would use 75 times more of the uranium than a conventional reactor. They could use current high level nuclear waste for energy at about the $500/kg cost that has been set aside by the US laws on nuclear waste management.

Nextbigfuture – Japan Plans to Restart 10 Nuclear Reactors by Summer

Yomuri Shimbun reports that the Japanese government aims to restart about 10 of the nation’s idle nuclear reactors by this summer, when electricity demand is expected to increase.

Nextbigfuture – NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts project has a conceptual solution to asteroid threats

A NASA NIAC (Nasa innovative advanced concepts) project has determined a conceptual solution to asteroid impacts using a nuclear missile interceptor.

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