Escape Dynamics is putting together breakthroughs to enable single stage to orbit with microwave power beaming

Escape Dynamics is an advanced technology company focused on research of the next generation highly efficient aerospace vehicles powered with renewable electromagnetic energy. They recently presented at Google Solve for X.

Escape Dynamics is researching ways to safely and reliably transfer electromagnetic energy to moving aerial vehicles and investigating propulsion systems that can efficiently use wireless energy for propulsion. The wireless energy transfer technology researched by the company represents a revolutionary platform for powering a variety of aerospace vehicles in a way that transcends efficiency of currently used combustion-based systems. Access to wireless energy during take-off and flight allows for the complete re-design of the propulsion systems used to move vehicles through the atmosphere and into Earth orbit and has the potential to enable the transition of aerospace industry to a sustainable and efficient future.

Escape Dynamics is aiming to reach suborbital flight capabilities by 2017 and orbital flight capabilities by 2020. Successful development of fully reusable single-stage-to-orbit vehicle operating from a runway will lead to the world in which companies and individuals can own space launch vehicles in the same way as corporate and private jets are owned and operated today.

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