Is Buying healthcare for pussies and cowards ?

Whenever the subject of life extension is brought up, especially radical life extension, someone brings up the idea of “Why are you afraid of dying ? “.

Ok, Mr. Not Afraid of Dying. Do you have a healthplan ? Do you go to the doctor ? Do you ever go to a “hospital” ? It seems to me that you are afraid of dying.

The Daily Show covered the Philosophy of Russians to live Risky Lifestyle and not to be a Pussy

Russian men have a life expectancy of 62.8 years.
US men have a life expectancy of 77.4 years.

Russian men are about the level of White US men in 1939.

But we can always go back the situation in 1850 or before.

Many in the US make a big deal of doing things like the founding fathers.
Of course George Washington was in the top 1% of his time. So he lived to the age of 67.

The life expectancy of the 1% in the USA now is about 85. Having more money and living healthier helps and getting better doctors matters. Of course these people are all pussies and cowards. Willing to use “medicine” and “better doctors”.

Cowardly scientists searching for cures to Cancer, Heart Disease, Alzheimers

Why are we spending any money on medical research ? Just so cowards can live a few years more ?

Cowards too afraid of Alzheimers and forgetting everything and drooling. Suck it up.
Take memory loss like someone not afraid of dying or suffering from some “disease”. Some disease that just happens to occur more frequently as you get older. Some disease that never happens to young people or people in their 40s.

Don’t research aging. Only work on diseases that we have clearly named.

Boneloss increasing as we get older. That was natural and not to be researched until we called it Osteoporosis and treated it with calcium and Milk. You know witch doctory like nutrition and supplements. The hiding place of cowards afraid of their bones breaking.

Of course we have to get more frail as we get older. Muscle loss is a natural and inevitable thing. Of course some Just like that bone loss things was. Of course we have a name for it now. Sarcopenia. There are treatments like exercise and some drugs. Steroids and other drugs. Of course that is treatment that is only for athletes. It is getting kind of getting close the edge of cowardice. And also investigating a disease that is not as popularly known as Osteoporosis. We might need the marketers to make Sarcopenia more popularly known before we devote money to fixing it.

Sarcopenia is the degenerative loss of skeletal muscle mass (0.5-1% loss per year after the age of 25), quality, and strength associated with aging. Damn Wikipedia had the definition. Of course cowardly freaks like Jack Lelane was able to avoid sarcopenia by exercising and weight training. Figuring other ways to defeat Sarcopenia for people who are not as dedicated to exercise is what ? More science for cowards afraid of frailty ? Something impossible other than the people with the genetics or the lifestyle to avoid it ? But other symptoms of aging cannot be delayed so easily and researching how we could do it that would be cowardly science.

Are you going to Work Forever ?

Are you planning for retirement ? Saving money ? Why ? Don’t you want to work until you drop dead or you fall back from the herd and get shot or eaten [like a brave and natural animal] ?

It seems “the planning and saving for retirement thing” is another pussy and cowardly move by people not willing to let nature takes its course. Trying to use the Voodoo of “financial management” which is “spending less money then you earn now and investing it for later”.

Not Enough Food and Over-population

This seems like a fear of cowards more worried about starving then aging to death. But of course we have crops that are twice as productive as the current crops. So regular “agriculture” can double the amount of food we produce. And the 1600’s invention of greenhouses could be built to boost food by 10 times.

But we have to listen to the over-population doomers who have been wrong for centuries and we cannot do a quick sanity check to see that we actually could handle food, housing, energy and other issues with known and existing technology. But we better go off on that unjustified tangent. Because it might get a tiny bit complicated and would draw away support from people who do not want to understand agriculture or any simple math.

Maintaining Cars for Cowards

Cars can be maintained with oil changes and rust protection.

This is unnaturally prolonging the life of the car.

We should only look at the science of degradation, instead of any engineering solutions that work to get rid of the rust and other problems even if we do not understand the science.

We should do it the hard way and slow way. As opposed to trying things just because they would “work”.

We have prolonged the lives of people from 1850 to now by about 40 years. But it is clearly only people from crazytown in cowardlyville who suggest that we could do it again and add another 40 years and get to life expectancy of 120.

Only crazy people and cowards would donate to fund SENS. Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence. Focused on trying to fix identified damage from aging.

The audacity. Identify aging damage and try to research ways to fix it. Not focus on the science for decades or centuries but try to shortcut it and fix the damage.

We should just spend the trillions on the nursing homes and care workers after the damage has become named diseases. Fixing the root cause damage…that is cowardly pussy thinking again. Just because it would thousands of times cheaper. It is not like we have any societal budget problems. It is just not the way things are done. It is not proper.

Also, the craziness, thinking that we might be able extend lives for decades just because we did it before and because now we add 1 to 2 months to life expectancy every year. They are not trying to do extend lives the right way. As an accidental byproduct of some other work like public health or by working a named disease.

Why did the people of 1850 end up extending lives over the next 60 years ? It was unfocused effort with other goals. The way life extension progress is supposed to happen. By accident. This having a life extension goal and working towards it is for pussies and cowards.

Also, if you have a big life extension goal, then you better answer what you will do with those extra years beforehand. Just like the people in 1850 should have. What were we going to do between 45 and 80. Retire ? Work ? Whatever people want to do without submitting plans and social justification before hand. Why aren’t people planning to retire submitting their plans to ethicists for debate. The audicity and impudence. Living their lives without caring what the ethicists thought about it.

Deal with aging the proper way. Let it costs thousands of times more to make people more comfortable after it has gotten too bad to do anything about. We are not cowards.

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