Cheney denies saying he regretted not attacking Iran because he regrets nothing and the US should and could still use force to stop Iran

In an interview with Jake Tapper, Dick Cheney denies saying he regretted not invading Iran and Iraq together.

TAPPER: I have to ask you about this thing I just read.

“Newsweek” reporter Leah McGrath Goodman tweeted last night that, according to a senior Goldman Sachs official, in a private talk, you told Goldman Sachs top brass while you were still vice president the plan was to invade Iraq and Iran together. “And Cheney told Goldman Sachs bankers not doing a dual attack was his biggest regret. Banker says the statement was met with stunned silence.”

Is that true?

CHENEY: Never happened.

TAPPER: Never happened?


TAPPER: Is that a regret of yours, not talking Iraq and Iran at the same time?

CHENEY: I think Iran is a special case with respect to the nuclear capability. But I was a strong believer that, if we had to, we should use military force to stop Iran from getting nuclear weapons. I still believe that.

TAPPER: But it never came to that? You never advocated for that?

CHENEY: We never got to that point.

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