Interstellar Travel talk by Kelvin Long

In 2007 Kelvin Long set up to systematically address various aspects of interstellar travel. This included the faster than light warp drives of science fiction, the grand scale world ships required for interstellar colonisation strategies and the initiation of a research study, Project Icarus. The intention along this journey has been to catalyse interstellar studies for the purpose of working towards the creation of a self-fulfilling and optimistic prophesy in space. The near-term goals of this work were to (i) regenerate the interstellar community by the injection of new energy, ideas, and initiatives and (ii) renew design capability for starship skills through educational programs. In this lecture Kelvin will set out the overall strategy, achievements to date and next steps. In particular, an interstellar design competition will be announced as well as the formation of the world’s first dedicated interstellar research organization — The Institute for Interstellar Studies. The creation of a new space company, Stellar Engines Ltd, will also be announced along with its primary goal to “connect people with knowledge”. This lecture will describe what needs to be done now so that human missions to the stars are feasible by the end of the current century. Kelvin F. Long is an aerospace engineer, physicist, author and Editor of the Journal of the British Interplanetary Society.

Kelvin Long started a company Stellar Engines, that consults on aerospace projects.

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