Russia’s Future planes – PAK FA stealth fighter, PAK TA cargo plane, PAK DA bomber and PAK DP interceptor

Russia is developing new fighters, bomber and cargo planes. Scale models of some of which will be displayed at the upcoming MAKS 2015 air and defense exhibition in Moscow this month-end.

Work is being carried out in major aviation complexes to build next generation stealth aircraft. Russia plans to acquire

* 65 units of the T-50 (Pak-FA) fifth generation fighter aircraft by 2020

PAK FA Stealth fighter

* 80 new cargo aircraft (PAK TA) by 2024

In April 2016, work will begin on aircraft “Ermakov”. The production of a series of aircraft will be developed in Ulyanovsk (factory “Aviastar-SP”) after 2024.

* develop PAK DA bomber by 2019

PAK DA bomber concept

* begin work on PAK DP (as a replacement for MiG-31) in 2019

PAK DP would be along-range interception aircraft will be developed to replace the MiG-31, which occupies a special niche in the defense of the country from air attacks (including by cruise missiles). Initially it was reported that work on the PAK DP will start after 2017, and the first aircraft will be provided to the troops after 2025. But a recent statement by commander Bondarev revealed that the work will begin in 2019.

Videos of russia’s new planes

SOURCES – Sputnick News