F35 stealth fighter program resorting to systemic cheating and lying to pretend a bad project is not really worse

To try and get around software-associated delays, the F35 test program is being revised: some test points are being eliminated, reducing the total number of test points remaining for Block 2B from 529 down to 243; and some fixes are being deferred to the Block 3 program.

Skipping and deferring tests that were previously deemed to be necessary translates to a more sloppy and rushed effort to still meet deadlines.

A major operational test series planned for the Lockheed Martin F-35 Joint Strike Fighter has been abandoned in an attempt to protect the schedule for delivering a fully operational aircraft.

Previously reported improvement in reliability was due to changes in how failures were reported. ie. They started lying in how they reported failures

The Pentagon’s Director of Operational Test and Evaluation also notes that an apparent improvement in a major reliability metric — “mean flight hours between failure – design controllable” — up to late summer 2014 may be due to changes in reporting. More failures were reported as “induced,” or due to maintenance actions, and fewer to “inherent” design problems. Also, once a redesigned version of a failure-prone part is introduced into the fleet but before 100% of the fleet has been retrofitted, the program stops counting failures of the previous version, improving the system’s on-paper reliability even though failures are occurring.

One of the F-35’s distinctive features, the Distributed Aperture System, is still problematical, the report says, continuing “to exhibit high false-alarm rates and false target tracks, and poor stability performance, even in later versions of software.

Well over $100 billion has been spent on the F35 program so far and it is well on its way to total program costs of over $1.5 trillion.

The lifetime cost of each F35 (procurement and operation and maintenance) will make each 32000 pound plane cost more than its equivalent in gold by weight.

  • F35 program is cheating on its scheduled milestones
  • F35 program is lying about reliability failures
  • F35 program is costing $30+ billion every year
  • F35 fighter jet is really not combat ready yet after over $100 billion
  • There are serious questions about the military effectiveness of the F35 even after its gets working versus lower cost improvements that could be made to other planes

SOURCES- Aviation Week