Tesla autonomous driving gathering twice as many miles every day as Google’s entire multi-year self driving project

The combined fleet of Tesla Model S and X are driving more than 3 million miles a day. So in just one day, Tesla cars do about twice the distance that Google’s done in the entire history of their self-driving car project. This gives Tesla an advantage in the race for sustainable transport an accident-free driving.

Tesla plans to log billions of miles showing that the car is unequivocally safer in autonomous mode compared to manual mode in a wide range of circumstances in countries all around the world with different rules of the road and ways of behavior. And it’ll have to be something statistically significant like billions of miles.

Tesla will argue for autonomous driving, but Tesla will not argue against manual driving. And Elon Musk believe people should have the freedom to choose to do what they want to do. And, yes, sometimes those things are dangerous but freedom is important. And if people want to drive, even if it’s dangerous, they should be allowed to drive in my view. But then the autonomous safety systems should be in there such that even if you’re in manual mode, the car will still aid you in avoiding an accident

SOURCES- Tesla Motors, Seeking Alpha, Youtube