US Air force claims seven F35s performed well against eight twin-engine F-15Es in mock combat

William Redmond, the executive director of the Air Force Operational Test and Evaluation Center in Albuquerque, New Mexico has a presentation which claims the F35 is difficult to challenge in their war game tests.

During mock combat, seven F-35s reportedly shot down eight twin-engine F-15Es, for no losses of their own — this despite the 2015 revelation that the F-35 is inferior to a single-engine F-16 in a simulated dogfight. It’s possible that the Lightning pilots have devised special air-combat tactics that take advantage of the F-35’s stealth and cutting-edge sensors.

The US military plans to replace nearly all of its current tactical jets with as many as 2,400 F-35s at a total program cost, including maintenance, of around $1 trillion. The Air force is claiming the F35 is great despite software flaws, costs overruns and delays in making the F35 operational and a 2015 report that the F35 is inferior to a single engine F16 in a dogfight

SOURCES – US Air Force, War is Boring