25 core chip designed for cloud applications

Princeton University researchers have developed a new computer chip that promises to boost the performance of data centers that lie at the core of numerous online services such as email and social media.

Princeton Piton Processor, is a many-core designed by Prof. Wentzlaff’s research group in March, 2015. It was taped-out in IBM’s 32nm SOI process. Some of Piton’s features are listed below:

25 modified OpenSPARC T1 cores
Directory-based shared memory
3 On-chip networks
Multi-chip shared memory support
1 GHz clock frequency
IBM 32nm SOI process (6mm*6mm)
460 million transistors

It is possible to put together 8,000 Piton CPUs to build a 200,000 core machine.
The hardware design has been made open source

Piton was presented at Hot Chips 2016

SOURCES- Princeton University, Hot Chip 2016 presentation