Elysium Health offers a combination sirtuin and resveratrol like antiaging product and it has six noble prize winners on its board

Elysium Health’s co-founder is Leonard Guarente, who heads MIT’s aging center and is one of the pioneers of aging science.

Elysium’s antiaging product is Basis, which can ordered online without a prescription. It costs $50 for a month’s supply. Basis is designed to optimize NAD+ levels and sirtuin function in our cells to support our most critical metabolic processes like cellular detoxification, DNA repair and energy production. NAD+ is a critical coenzyme.

People who have taken Basis had described effects including fingernail growth, hair growth, skin smoothness, crazy dreams, increased stamina, better sleep, and more energy.

Elysium Health is using only compounds supported by hundreds of peer-reviewed papers, that it enforces high manufacturing standards, and that it is conducting a human trial (currently 120 people between the ages of 60 and 80 are participating)

The theory behind Basis is in part an evolution of the theory behind drinking red wine: One of its main ingredients, pterostilbene, is considered a more powerful version of resveratrol, with a more convincing track record in the lab.

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