Future US Marines will hit beaches with Swarms of many types of drones first then Marines will Follow

The US Marine Corps wants to deploy swarms of drones ahead of troops during amphibious operations in coming years.

The concept, incorporating Low-Cost UAV Swarming Technology, or LOCUST, developed by the Office of Naval Research, would bring a flotilla of weapons, including underwater drones, unmanned surface vessels and underwater mine countermeasures.

“Instead of Marines being the first wave in, it’ll be unmanned robotics … sensing, locating and maybe killing out front of those Marines,” he said. “We see that ‘swarm-type’ technology as exactly the type of thing — it will lower cost, dominate the battlespace, leverage capabilities … and be able to complicate the problems for the enemy.”

In WW2, The Navy shelled Iwo Jima for days prior to Navy Assault

Iwo Jima was a tough fight despite Navy shelling for days. Japanese soldiers had dug in and were in caves.