Paris Climate Agreement is Environmental Theater with Empty Promises as Policy

President Trump will likely withdraw from the Paris climate agreement. The matter has deeply divided the Trump administration. Ivanka Trump and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson have urged the president to remain in the deal, and White House strategist Stephen K. Bannon and Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt have been pushing for a withdrawal.

Even CNBC has a commentary that supports the withdrawal and the emptiness of the Paris accord.

* Paris accord has no enforcement mechanism for the voluntary promises that each nation has made
* The Paris accord is environmental theater, just like the airport boarding process is security theater. They are pretending to address problems but do not actually do anything. They distract from efforts that would really address the issues.

Impactful environmentally positive items from the past were not related to political agreements.

* Horizontal drilling vastly lowered the price and increased the availability of natural gas. This shifted US power generation from coal to natural gas. Natural gas is about twice as clean as coal in terms of CO2 and a lot cleaner in terms of other air pollution.
* Solar and batteries have seen production increases through technological improvements and are now being mainly driven by market forces.
* Nuclear energy is a clean energy source which has been suppressed by government policy and now by low natural gas prices