Ramez Naam on energy #suglobal

Energy is $6 trillion per year and is being disrupted.

Peabody coal went bankrupt over three years.

Peak coal demand arrived far sooner than expected and cheap natural gas killed it.

$0.30 a watt are the cheapest solar power in the world today.

Tucson signed a deal for unsubsidized 4.3 cents per kwh. 3 cents subsidized.

3.1 rupees per kwh for coal in India, 2.4 cents rupees for kwh in coal.

Dubai 1.3 GW, 2.42 cents per kwh.

1.3 billion have no electricity but India and Africa have high levels of available solar because of a lot of sunny days

Disruption of cars

Self driving cars
Rides as a service

Ridesharing and self driving will remove range anxiety.

Electric cars are 90% simpler than combustion cars.
Bejing switching 70,000 taxis to electric