Google Hardware + Assistant + Nest brings Star Trek like Computer Interaction

In Star Trek, you talk to the computer and it understands you and alters the ship and the environment in response. Star Trek also has universal voice translation.

Google is implementing this vision with the newly announced Google Pixelbook, Pixel smartphones when combined with home and building automation with Nest devices.

Google announced their second generation family of consumer hardware products, all made by Google: new Pixel phones, Google Home Mini and Max, an all new Pixelbook, Google Clips hands-free camera, Google Pixel Buds, and an updated Daydream View headset. We see tremendous potential for devices to be helpful, make your life easier, and even get better over time when they’re created at the intersection of hardware, software and advanced artificial intelligence (AI).

Google has had sophisticated voice recognition and actions using the Google Home device. Google Pixelbooks take this capability to another level.

You can now phone your Pixelbook or use your Pixel 2 and give it instructions and they will perform actions around your house via Nest and other connected devices.

Across all these devices, you can interact with the Google Assistant any way you want—talk to it with your Google Home or your Pixel Buds, squeeze your Pixel 2, or use your Pixelbook’s Assistant key or circle things on your screen with the Pixelbook Pen. Wherever you are, and on any device with the Assistant, you can connect to the information you need and get help with the tasks to get you through your day. No other assistive technology comes close, and it continues to get better every day.

Google also has been a leader in language translation and this was highlighted in todays announcement and demos.

2017 lineup of new Made by Google products:

The Pixel 2 has the best camera of any smartphone, again, along with a gorgeous display and augmented reality capabilities. Pixel owners get unlimited storage for their photos and videos, and an exclusive preview of Google Lens, which uses AI to give you helpful information about the things around you.

Google Home Mini brings the Assistant to more places throughout your home, with a beautiful design that fits anywhere. And Max is our biggest and best-sounding Google Home device, powered by the Assistant. And with AI-based Smart Sound, Max has the ability to adapt your audio experience to you—your environment, context, and preferences.

With Pixelbook, we’ve reimagined the laptop as a high-performance Chromebook, with a versatile form factor that works the way you do. It’s the first laptop with the Assistant built in, and the Pixelbook Pen makes the whole experience even smarter.

Our new Pixel Buds combine Google smarts and the best digital sound. You’ll get elegant touch controls that put the Assistant just a tap away, and they’ll even help you communicate in a different language.

The updated Daydream View is the best mobile virtual reality (VR) headset on the market, and the simplest, most comfortable VR experience.
Google Clips is a totally new way to capture genuine, spontaneous moments—all powered by machine learning and AI. This tiny camera seamlessly sends clips to your phone, and even edits and curates them for you.

Google Pixel 2 XL phone with Wide Edge-2-Edge display and Snapdragon 836 processor with incredibly high amount of PPI.

Google Mini, which is the Low Cost version of Google Home. Google Mini is powered by Google Assistant for $49 price.
Google Assistant now is more than available. It connects all other Google Devices around the room, including your Smartphone, and control them. You can say “Hey Google, find my phone” and Google Mini will find it easily.

Google announced Google Home Max – smart speaker. Google Home Max will be available on October 19th for $399 with 12 month of YouTube Music and Spotify. Actually this is the competitor of Apple’s HomePod, but cheaper.

Google announced Pixelbook 2017 – transformer laptop from Google based on ChromeOS with Android Google Play availability.

Google also launched Pixelbook Pen – fastest 10 ms latency pen with 2000 touch points.

Prices for Google PixelBook is $999. PixelBook Pen costs $99.

Google Pixel 2 has Full HD OLED Display with new Design. Second phone announced is Google Pixel 2 XL with Quad HD Display with 555 ppi. Google Pixel 2 has 12 MegaPixels Cameras with Program and Optic stabilizations working simultaneously. Apple’s portrait mode is also available on Pixel 2, but just using one camera. For Google Pixel 2, which is 5-inch, price is $649. Google Pixel 2 XL with 6-inch display the price is $849.

Google Pixel Buds – headphones from Google with 5-hours work and charging case.
Google updated Daydream View and announced Google Pixel Clips video camera, which will change the way you interact with video.

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