Sarcos Robotics has force multiplying robots and exoskeletons to boost productivity

Sarcos has a snake bot and force multiplying robotic arms.

Guardian™ GT is a human-controlled, force-multiplying robotic system with one or two highly dexterous arms mounted on a track or wheeled base, allowing a single operator to do more, safely. Each arm is seven feet long.

From basic labor-saving tasks like heavy lifting, to more intricate processes like welding and joining, it multiplies individual effectiveness and adds leverage to human capabilities.

Some Guardian™ GT Robot Use Cases

Commercial & Industrial Applications

Creating new possibilities in industries such as nuclear reactor inspection and maintenance, petroleum, construction, and heavy equipment manufacturing.

* Handles heavy materials, including sheet metal, for metal fabrication and ship building
* Can weld, grind, cut and apply protective coatings
* Performs placement functions of high-weight components in aid of logistics
* Can be remotely tele-operated for nuclear reactor inspection and maintenance
* Provides benefits in the petroleum, construction and heavy equipment manufacturing industries

First Responder & Logistics Applications

Revolutionizing palletizing and de-palletizing, loading and unloading supplies, shipboard and in-field logistics, erecting temporary shelters, equipment repairs, and more.

* Palletizes and de-palletizes
* Loads and unloads supplies
* Shipboard and in-field logistics
* Erects temporary shelters
* Repairs equipment

Disaster Recovery & Humanitarian Applications
Saving lives by assisting humans in disaster recovery and other forms of humanitarian assistance, such as Med-Evac and moving rocks and debris in a controlled manner.

* Provides humanitarian assistance when disaster strikes
* Safely moves heavy rocks and debris in a controlled manner
* Assists with Med-Evac

The Guardian GT dual-armed system lifts payloads up to 454 kilograms, or 1,000 lbs (227 kg, or 500 lbs, in each arm).

Some tasks will take minutes instead of needing teams of workers hours or days to complete.

They have a snake like robot

They will soon have an exoskeleton to boost industrial productivity.

To fully leverage robotics, the processes will have to be completely redesigned. Broad Group is not using robotics but has the fastest skyscraper construction.

Tesla is constantly reinventing its robotic factory for electric car construction.

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