Teleportation and traversible wormholes are all real

Einstein-Rosen or “ER” bridges, are equivalent to entangled quantum particles, also known as Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen or “EPR” pairs. The quantum connection between wormholes prevents their collapse without involving exotic matter.

The quantum-teleportation format precludes using these traversable wormholes as time machines. Anything that goes through the wormhole has to wait for Alice’s message to travel to Bob in the outside universe before it can exit Bob’s black hole, so the wormhole doesn’t offer any superluminal boost that could be exploited for time travel.

Researchers are working towards lab tests of quantum teleportation to verify their theories.

A wormhole connects distant locations in space.
Illustration shows 2 Wormhole mouths in space connected by a tunnel, called a throat
The simplest theoretical wormholes immediately close off because the throat is attracted to itself.
Showng the tunnel collapsed, leaving just the two mouths, which are now called black holes.
A quantum connection between the mouths could thwart a throat collapse, allowing something to travel through the wormhole.
Showing a Quantum connection as a glow around the mouths, which has Stabilizing effects on the wormhole tunnel

Arxiv – Diving into traversable wormholes

We study various aspects of wormholes that are made traversable by an interaction between the two asymptotic boundaries. We concentrate on the case of nearlyAdS2 gravity and discuss a very simple mechanical picture for the gravitational dynamics. We derive a formula for the two sided correlators that includes the effect of gravitational backreaction, which limits the amount of information we can send through the wormhole. We emphasize that the process can be viewed as a teleportation protocol where the teleportee feels nothing special as he/she goes through the wormhole. We discuss some applications to the cloning paradox for old black holes. We point out that the same formula we derived for AdS2 gravity is also valid for the simple SYK quantum mechanical theory, around the thermofield double state. We present a heuristic picture for this phenomenon in terms of an operator growth model. Finally, we show that a similar effect is present in a completely classical chaotic system with a large number of degrees of freedom.

Arxiv – Teleportation Through the Wormhole

ER=EPR allows us to think of quantum teleportation as communication of quantum information through space-time wormholes connecting entangled systems. The conditions for teleportation render the wormhole traversable so that a quantum system entering one end of the ERB will, after a suitable time, appear at the other end. Teleportation requires the transfer of classical information outside the horizon, but the classical bit-string carries no information about the teleported system; the teleported system passes through the ERB leaving no trace outside the horizon. In general the teleported system will retain a memory of what it encountered in the wormhole. This phenomenon could be observable in a laboratory equipped with
quantum computers.

Arxiv – Traversable Wormholes via a Double Trace Deformation

After turning on an interaction that couples the two boundaries of an eternal BTZ black hole, we find a quantum matter stress tensor with negative average null energy, whose gravitational backreaction renders the Einstein-Rosen bridge traversable. Such a traversable wormhole has an interesting interpretation in the context of ER=EPR, which we suggest might be related to quantum teleportation. However, it cannot be used to violate causality. We also discuss the implications for the energy and holographic entropy in the dual CFT description.

Arxiv – Cool horizons for entangled black holes

General relativity contains solutions in which two distant black holes are connected through the interior via a wormhole, or Einstein-Rosen bridge. These solutions can be interpreted as maximally entangled states of two black holes that form a complex EPR pair. We suggest that similar bridges might be present for more general entangled states. In the case of entangled black holes one can formulate versions of the AMPS(S) paradoxes and resolve them. This suggests possible resolutions of the firewall paradoxes for more general situations.

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  2. Replace wormhole with particle entanglement.
    Replace entanglement with an extra dimension ( x,y,z becomes w,x,y,z) since we can only move or rotate around x,y,z and are not able to move/rotate objects over w all entangled particles are just the same object in w space. we see them as multiple objects but it are just views of a single object, which explains quite a lot but most obvious it explains instant changes for entanglement over vast distances. Allready some calculations require extra dimensions we only need to accept that.

  3. So what this article is saying, which is being overlooked here: you can theoretically traverse a wormhole to alpha Centauri from earth, but you’ll arrive in 4 years time, and if you step back in, a further four years will have passed on Earth – total of 8 years in two steps.

  4. Only the instant of “NOW” can be demonstrated, otherwise time is imaginary. Passage through a worm hole requires transition between worlds of imaginary time wherein the instant of “NOW1” and “NOW2” which cannot coincide due to weakness of materials and quantum smear. Thus all stuff will get torn apart and no configuration record can be shown to exist to put it all back together. While slow aging by making the body machinery heavy by relativistic speed has been demonstrated, it is not time travel, it is slow life. Time and time travel is and always will be imaginary. Occam’s razor demands the simple solution:Time is imaginary!

  5. As a scholar of physics, I would love to be updated with new development and revolutionary thoughts.

  6. Traversable wormholes seem to be the only practical way we’re going to get out into intergalactic space. It’s very possible it’s how we ever got to Earth in first place. The question is: Will humans be set back technology-wise another 50,000 – 100,000 years on a new world when we decide to inhabit it — until the ‘gift’ of technology is somehow presented or communicated to us again? The transfer of knowledge is the all-important piece for an advanced civilization to continue its progress. If it gets lost in the process, it may take a very long time to catch up again.

  7. Could it be that there could be another space-time continuum existing, for the sake of illustration, below ours and that all black holes in our space time are connected – or can connect – “beneath” our space-time fabric?

  8. Ridiculous to say EPR stabilized wormholes are real without extensive peer reviewed and duplicated results. What was done here is theoretical at best. Misleading article. As usual from NBF.

  9. So the implied end results seem to be the same as hopping a ride on a starship heading at just short of c to the destination… only without the hassles of needing acceleration time, deceleration time… or even a ship.

    Could also be a great substitute for suspended animation:
    “We think we’ll be able to cure your illness within about 6-7 years so why don’t you just jaunt over to the Promixa Palace Resort Habitat for about a week while we work on it.”

  10. So this wormhole enables travelling faster than light, but the wormhole connection can’t be created faster than light? So if I want to make wormhole between Sun and Alfa Centauri, I have to send ship there slower than light, make wormholes, and then make the quantum connection, also slower than light?

    • According to the article, wormholes *don’t* enable travelling faster than light; you’ll be stuck “inside” the wormhole just long enough for light to reach from one mouth to the other; in Proxima Centauri’s case, 4.3 years, give or take.

      There is also the fact that one must create both mouths of the wormhole close to each other, and then send one of them via sublight ship to its final location; that is also true unless one can effect topology change, that is, snap one end of the wormhole and then connect it elsewhere in space-time. That would also be required if you wanted to create a wormhole which takes one to a time before its creation, which is the classical time machine paradigm.

    • Have his papers been peer reviewed? What colleges did he go to for degrees? Where does he work at that is doing such ground breaking work?

      By the way he also explained how Einstein was wrong and gravitational waves don’t exist…how has he responded to the discoveries this year of gravitational waves?

      Outside of that, how come their free energy plans have not been produced? Don’t tell me that the sheer capitalistic ideals of greedy people are not going to overcome those who are trying to hide it either. It just doesn’t work. Great ideas can’t be hidden that long and the space torsion is worthless.

    • Some of the electric universe theory has some great material, but too assume that black holes don’t exist bc of his proposal is just laughable.

    • Picture a universe that we existed in with white holes where matter was continuously spewed from them slowly filling our universe with matter. How would we understand or coordinate this with our own relativity. At first we would imagine it being star creation only to learn later that they were white holes. We would wonder, how can something come from nothing.

    • “Just because you say it, doesn’t make it true.” I say if you have 1 pizza and divide it by 0 you still have 1 pizza. So one divided by zero equals one. If you have 0 pizza and try to divide it your drunk. If you show me a black hole in space…i’ll divide it also.

  11. I remember reading an article years ago that went further, postulating that entropy itself was related to quantum entanglement. The explanation was in some sort of archaic black magic gobbledygook.

  12. How does going through the wormhole result in a shorter journey??? The curve is likely more distance than the straight line between the wormholes??/ Am I missing something here?

    • Yeah, you’re looking at a three-dimensional representation of a wormhole. Wormholes function outside of three dimensions.

      • It’s worth remembering, though, that just because space *could* be curved in such a way that the wormhole could be shorter than the path through regular space, doesn’t mean there’s any reason to suppose that it IS curved in such a way. In fact, since the space we live in seems to be “flat”, the wormhole probably IS longer.

        Of course, even a wormhole that wasn’t any shorter than the normal space distance would make a dandy optical fiber link, one that could pass straight from point to point without concern about solid objects in between.

        It would be interesting to see, though, if wormholes can be tangled…

    • I agree with Ted and Wizard here. This cannot be occurring in three dimensions. My personal thought it that the event horizon of a black hole is stable, but for different reasons. Matter is being converted to the elusive dark matter at this juncture and nothing escapes OR gets destroyed. No need for teleportation, just reassembling our anomalous visible matter into nothingness. You heard it here.

    • Yep. No FTL travel with wormholes, if this theory holds.

      Also, nothing more than particles could traverse them, unless I missed a mention to some way to make them big.

      But that means a lot for other aspects of physics. Like probably showing the things are everywhere and making the basis of entanglement and other weakly interacting, apparently FTL phenomena, and a solution to the blackhole information paradoxes (no firewall but a diffusion of all information to other entangled wormholes who knows where, for instance).

      Still, I won’t hold my breath waiting for it to be confirmed. Revolutionary theories are more plentiful than experiments and physicists to do them, if the abundance of such material in Arxiv and such is any hint.

      • Yep. No FTL travel with wormholes, if this theory holds.

        Your agreement is in conflict with the rest. I there’s a “near timeles locality shift” would be faster than light, wouldn’t it?

        • But they say you can’t get out of the other end of the wormhole until enough time has passed for classical information transfer. Is FTL really FTL if, after your instant trip, you have to sit in the lobby until light could have made the trip?

          Mind, while FTL would be keen, Fast As Light would be plenty good enough.

          • But…if you are traveling at light speed, then there is no relative time passage. If the traveler is going 99.99%, then the “wait” in the lobby becomes a short period of relative time that passes (hours, days, etc. For the wormhole traveler, it becomes a one way “time machine” to the future. You go in and a “short” time later you come out and x amount of much longer time has passed in the “real” universe. Voila, time travel! ‘Course the drawback is it’s one-way time travel. You can spend your lifetime galavanting about the universe, but everyone you leave behind is pretty much dead to you…

  13. It’s been forever since I heard about the theory that entangled pairs are working like time machine wormholes. The article says they aren’t time machines, but the wormhole connection possibly being right is intriguing.

    So, no faster than light nor time travel with wormhole teleportation, but speed of light movement of particles sure sounds good, especially since it sounds like it does not involve the scan-destroy methods of quantum teleportation I have read about up until now.

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