Head of Google talks AI, China, Robotics and Quantum computers

Eric Schmidt, the executive chairman of Alphabet, answered questions about the future of Artificial Intelligence and quantum computers and robots.

Highlights from Schmidt –

* The rise of China will be the big news for the rest of our lives… in an economic, cultural, structural sense.

* China’s artificial intelligence machine-learning policy
– behind right now,
– catch up by 2020
– get ahead by 2025
– dominate by 2030

Applying tens of billions of dollars and mobilizing about ten times the number of tech educated grads

* For the next five years, AI will enhance human roles. Like AI+ doctor for better diagnosis. In 10-15 years, AI will assist with answering difficult and deep problem analysis.

* AI will use large data sets

* One is the development of quantum computing and how that changes everything [in regards to security].

* Implications are big for robotic-AI autonomy