Over 25 years of the same failed US-North Korea policies

Declassified documents on White House discussions on North Korea policy show the plans and approach have remained the same.

* They considered military action but decided against it (Dick Cheney was the one who said military action should not be used against North Korea.)
* Tighten economic sanctions
* Try to work with South Korea and China

Variations on no military action

* Develop and deploy anti-missile technologies in order to reduce the effectiveness of any North Korean attack. This will need to be space based in order to effectively attack during the boost phase.
* Wait and do not provide any food or other aid or concessions

Variation on military action

1. Greater creativity around assassination methods of Kim Jong Un.

South Korea has published a plan for pre-emptive striking North Korea.

* preemptive strikes against North Korean nuclear weapons and missile bases and assassination of top North Korean officials
* identify 1,000 North Korean targets for missiles and precision-guided weapons and deploying airborne troops and Marines

2. Expand the South Korean program of monetary rewards for defectors to pay for effective subversion within North Korea.
3. Develop more effective drone assassination capabilities.
4. Develop effective hypersonic first strike capability.

5. Develop space based weapon capability.

Deploying orbital kinetic hypersonic weapons was studied in 2003 by the US Air Force. Te Project Thor system described in the 2003 United States Air Force report was that of 20-foot-long (6.1 meter), 1-foot-diameter (0.30 m) tungsten rods, that are satellite controlled, and have global strike capability, with impact speeds of Mach 10.

Variation on Getting China to economically sanction North Korea

* Cut a global power sharing deal with China that includes an agreement on North Korea.