20 wheeled squad support robots have been ordered by the US Army

HDT Global (HDT) Wheeled Offload Logistics Follower (WOLF) robotic system has been awarded a Phase II Squad Multipurpose Equipment Transport Program contract. The HDT Hunter WOLF system closely matches infantry mobility and can traverse narrow trails, steep slopes and dense jungles, while carrying up to 1000 lbs. of cargo for more than 72 hours without resupply.

The HDT Hunter WOLF system completed the required 60-mile endurance trial in 23 hours, nearly six hours faster than the closest competitor! The system’s successful performance demonstrates that the HDT Hunter WOLF is a force multiplier that not only supports the infantry mission, but actually provides soldiers with enhanced capability to travel further and arrive less fatigued.

The HDT Hunter WOLF features a JP-8/electric hybrid powertrain enabling the vehicle’s “silent drive” and “silent watch” capability. The system’s modular architecture and full compliance with the Army’s interoperability protocols makes the vehicle easy to adapt to mission requirements with a wide variety of mission-specific kits while reducing life-cycle costs.

The incredibly capable Hunter WOLF key features:
• Carries 1,000 lbs for more than 100 miles with internal fuel
• 6 electrically driven wheels, skid steer
• 130 peak horsepower
• Climbs 70% grades
• 14 mph top speed
• Can be towed at 50 mph
• 20 kW onboard generator means never stopping to recharge drive batteries
• 3 kW power offload