AI in Blockchain – AI Forum C2 Montreal – #C2M18

AI in Blockchain at C2 Montreal

Blockchain and AI are among the most promising technologies and will surely disrupt just about every industry. Combined, they can become powerful drivers for any organization. In this workshop, participants will gain an understanding of blockchain, AI, and how these two technologies intersect.

Expert: Vincent Gauthier, Co-founder Technology and Products, Catallaxy

Blockchain and tokenization were described.

AI can be used for decision making and blockchain is an auditable tamper-proof mechanism for recording input, neural net states and output. This allows you to audit your AI processes.

Smart contracts – AI as Oracle to control smart contract outcomes.
Decisions are based upon AI view of events.

Blockchain consulting

Catallaxy has 15 Montreal-based experts and nearly 50 strategic partners worldwide. They offer the technical expertise of core blockchain talent and the strategic consulting power of Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton.

Catallaxy has a blockchain consulting practice. They demystify the blockchain ecosystem.

+ Analyzing: Define a realistic blockchain strategy tailored to your company’s needs.
+ Experimenting: Develop technical capacity and validate strategies in practice.
+ Choosing: Separate proposals with true value from passing trends.
+ Internalizing: Turn your business into a self-sufficient blockchain industry leader.
+ Staying informed: Continue to follow, understand and access the unknown aspects of blockchain.

Blockchain document signing, timestamping

Catallaxy has a timestamping product that is an entry-point into blockchain technology. They will on-board your company to user-friendly tools and enable you to leverage the properties of bitcoin.

They have an enterprise-grade application programming interface (API) so of all your documents continually signed, stamped and authenticated on the bitcoin blockchain. That means your documents will be immutable, self-verifiable, global and cost-effective.

Other services

Catallaxy mining services are designed and implemented by experienced professionals. With a cautious, but agile process, we will guide you through every step of your mining ventures.

They provide due diligence and compliance on ICO.