China’s Making Bigger Third Aircraft Carrier

A WeChat public account of an official Chinese media said there is a new aircraft carrier that has been built on the berth. This is being interpreted as official confirmation that China is building a third aircraft carrier.

China’s third aircraft carrier will have nearly double the displacement of the Liaoning aircraft carrier. The third carrier may reach 80,000 tons and should have electromagnetic catapult launching of jets.

This would be far closer to the 100,000 to 107,000 tons of the US Gerald Ford super-carrier and Nimitz carrier.

An 80,000-ton aircraft carrier would be larger than the 72,000 ton Queen Elizabeth class carriers that are being built by the UK.

24 thoughts on “China’s Making Bigger Third Aircraft Carrier”

  1. “Protect Defenceless countries”. Go and ask Vietnam, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Central America Banana Countries & etc.

  2. When did US Navy have a naval engagement with a major country?
    China is preparing for the next war, and it wont be the same as fighting a bunch of rag heads

  3. The point is they don’t have EXPERIENCE. The US Navy does have experience at war. Lots of it. It would be like putting a battle hardened marine up against a new recruit. The odds are in the marine’s favor not the recruit’s.

  4. Ironically, your talking to someone who lives in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.
    First of all, that was a long time ago, the US has changed a lot since then. But I do love how you had to dig through history to find our blemish. BTW, my opinion on the Indians is a little extreme, I would have wiped them all out. They are nothing but a drag on our country. My state (mainly west river) is full of Indian reservations, land we gave them (or gave back), it all looks like crap, they don’t take care of anything, they rip the copper out of abandon trailer houses. The only thing nice on a reservation is if there’s a casino. Which just attracts us good white folk to give them more (untaxed) money. The Sioux were given money for their land, but they have yet to take it, it’s built up several decades of interest, and is now well over a billion dollars.
    They think everything is sacred…but I digress.

  5. Someday, We will say “Free Philippines, Free South Korea”, They will say “Philippines and South Korea are ours from thounsands of ancient times”.

  6. Please study the historical facts and read up on unbiased geopolitical papers before you start spewing nonsense through your snout.

  7. Empires grow and conquer enemies and take their land, and keep growing….so how exactly is the US an “empire”?

  8. They can build all the carriers they want, but, they do not have the 80+ years of COMBAT TACTICS that the US and other western Navies have. Not to mention, outside the ABC/CBS/NBC media, most of their combat aircraft are nothing more than poor knock off copies of western or soviet aircraft. Their pilots, for the most part, are not as trained and skilled, plus their weapons aren’t as robust.

  9. Pretty easy to figure out who CyanHelmet is. The helmet part certainly doesn’t refer to the head on his shoulders.

  10. Having an carrier is a little different than USING a carrier. I’m sure that China will find that out the first time they try to use one.

  11. They may have a lot more on there plate if they want to be a deterrent the us is building more Ford class and a much smaller class of carriers not to mention the possibility of using diesel subs again if they go to war with the us or it’s alli nothing other than nuclear weapons will save them cyanhelmet the us has always been there to protect defenceless countries from aggressive ones China is building bases in the middle of the ocean and then saying it’s there territory even though it’s in international waters yes I do agree many countries are ramping up there military but this is a double edged sword with all of these countries building up someone is going to get hot headed and put the world on a path to terrible things it won’t be just the us feeling it you’re country will as well

  12. I wonder if they use nuclear reactor to power it. China wants to ensure its trade routes so so they will need far distance operations.

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