Umbilical Cord Blood Stem Cells Are Safe for Adults With Blood Cancers

Previously, umbilical cord blood stem cells were good for children but now this is safe and effective for adults with blood cancers.

They grew more umbilical cord blood stem cells outside the body then transplanted it into an adult blood cancer patients. They were able to restore a normal of blood cells.

Immune therapy company Gamida Cell produces this umbilical cord blood stem cell treatment known as NiCord, and after more successful trials plan to seek approval from the FDA.

They shorten the time that adult blood cancer patients have a compromised immune system down to 11.5 days.

94 percent of adult patients with blood cancers who received the umbilical cord blood treatment ended up with successful graft procedures within six weeks.

Journal of Clinical Oncology – Phase I/II Study of Stem-Cell Transplantation Using a Single Cord Blood Unit Expanded Ex Vivo With Nicotinamide

4 thoughts on “Umbilical Cord Blood Stem Cells Are Safe for Adults With Blood Cancers”

  1. I thought I just read a few days ago that they are now using a few different methods to produce blood stem cells. Just do a search above on this page for “blood stem cells”

  2. Nicotinamide has been shown to rejuvenate stem cells across the board: organs, skin, neurons. This company is using nicotinamide to extend the productive life of blood stem cells. But blood stem cells aren’t their only project. It’s all about the process.

    Question is, are they working towards something that can be applied to the whole individual? Pills? Cocktail mixer?

  3. Seriously, this is good news. One of the major subsystems of human physiology that goes awry (as one ages) is the oxygen-and-anti-pathogen blood unit. That there are possible channels for serious treatment into that subsystem is amazing. Long life? Might only be possible thru blood regeneration.

    Just saying,

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