Personal Experience at an Amazon Go in San Francisco

The Amazon Go stores have been open for two years in Seattle. The Amazon Go Stores in San Francisco have been open for a few months, since October, 2018. The Amazon Go store on Post street is open on Saturday and it is a few blocks from Union Square. Union Square is a major tourist and shopping destination.

There are cameras and electronics all over the ceiling. Those devices track you and your activity and purchases.

You first load the Amazon Go app onto your phone and sign in with Amazon account.

You can then scan and let guests like children go in first.

Walk around the store and select any items. Any items you or your guests walk out with are charged to your account.

The store is great for office workers. The prices for sandwiches, salads and sushi are good for the Union Square area. The prices for a variety of sodas is 69 cents per can. Other drinks and desserts are more expensive but reasonable.

I have now shopped at Amazon Go and the Amazon 4 Star store. The Amazon 4 Star store has products that are rated as 4 stars or higher on the Amazon website. Amazon 4 star has interesting electronics and was useful for Christmas shopping.

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