Purdue Opens New Quantum Research Lab

The US has funded Quantum Science and Engineering with the $1.2 billion National Quantum Initiative Act. The funding is spread of 5 years. This funding is for all quantum related science and technology.

China is funding tens of billions into quantum research. The US and Canada are currently leading in quantum computers with many startups and some commercial systems. China might be ahead with deployment of quantum radar.

Purdue University is opening a new Quantum Science and Engineering Institute as part of increased quantum research.

The new institute will help grow and support quantum information science and engineering research across campus.

In 2015, the Purdue Quantum Center, the precursor to the new institute, was co-founded by Vladimir Shalaev, the Robert and Anne Burnett Distinguished Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering and leader of the College of Engineering Quantum Photonics Preeminent Team; and Chris Greene, the Albert Overhauser Distinguished Professor of Physics and Astronomy. Since 2016, Chen has directed the Purdue Quantum Center.

In the College of Engineering, researchers are one step closer to “unhackable” communication, in work led by Shalaev.

Other promising areas of research include work to develop “spintronics” devices for future computers; new materials and energy technologies; quantum sensors and other quantum technologies for industry and medicine; and data analytics.