Scientist Who Edited Humans Was Very Active in Many Biotech Startups

Dr He Jiankui created the world’s first gene-edited babies and has received at least 298 million yuan (US$43 million) in funding for two biotech start-ups from Chinese and international investors.

Shenzhen Direct Genomics Biotechnology is a Shenzhen-based genome sequencing firm. He Jiankui is chairman and has one-third of the company. The company had 218 million yuan in Series A funding round in April, 2018.

Shenzhen Vienomics Biotech is another startup that He chairs and controls. In November, 2018, it received 50 million yuan in its Series A funding round. The round was led by Amer International Group and Qianjiang Capital.

Vienomics Biotech offers cancer screening services via genomics testing. It collected 20 million yuan from ASB Ventures (China) in pre-A round in 2017 and 10 million yuan from angel investors in January 2016.

He has ownership in seven other companies. Shenzhen Hanhai Venture Capital Management Partnership, Shenzhen Nanke Biotechnology, Vienomics Biotech Rudong, Zhuhai Hanhai Chuangmeng Technology Management Partnership, and Zhuhai Nanqijundao Technology Partnership.

He controls 45.5 per cent of Shenzhen Nanke Biotechnology, which has about US$10 million in registered capital.