Scott Galloway and Maureen Mullen Predict Amazon Will Keep Winning in 2019

Scott Galloway and Maureen Mullen had mostly successful predictions for digital technology in 2018. They predicted that Amazon would be the strongest of the big 4 (Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Google).

For 2019, they are predicting that Amazon Media Group will quadruple its ad revenue and become a serious player against Facebook and Google.

They are still predicting strength in voice technology.

For 2019, they are predicting that many technology companies will try to make big moves into healthcare. They again expect Amazon to be the winner with digital technology and healthcare.

They like Disney. It may not join the big 4 in technology but they think it will be strong.

They are looking at brands offering bundles to try to compete with Amazon Prime.

They are positive about Walmart with its grocery business.


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