Enhancing Human Potential with AI #emtechdigital

AI can be used to augmenting our intelligence. Lama Nachman is an Intel Fellow, Intel Labs; Director, Anticipatory Computing Lab, Intel. She will discuss Enhancing Human Potential with AI. Lama Nachman led the team that gave a voice to the late Professor Stephen Hawking.

From context-aware intelligence to help people with disabilities enabling healthcare clinicians, researchers, and academics achieve scientific advances, artificial intelligence is helping unlock deeper levels of knowledge and insight never before possible. This session will explore how the adoption of AI will improve the human experience.

Intel has found that we need to create a variety of AI platforms and systems in order to solve the wide range of problems.

Intel wants subjects experts in all fields to use AI to gain benefits and increase productivity.

How to amplify human potential with AI?

  1. What machines do best and what do humans do best? This is very different. Intel wants to take the mundane stuff and use AI and then increase everyone’s productivity.
  2. Can we augment and mitigate the deficiencies that people have. Lama used AI to help Stephen Hawking. However, this principle could be applied far more broadly.

They want to create an open source configurable platform for assistive technology. This will lower the barrier of entry and increase re-use. This will reduce the need to re-invent the same solved problems.

Each product needs to start with the human first. You need to understand the existing workflow and understand how it would enhance and integrate with that workflow. Understand how it fits in and how it helps.

Lama problem analysis looks at problems that are worth solving and problems that are solvable.

Lama predicts over the next 3-5 years there will be great narrowly focused systems successful AI systems. The prime example is self-driving cars.

Lama sees a progression to broader AI systems that are less brittle. This will take time.

SOURCE- Live reporting by Brian Nextbigfuture.com at Digital EmTech 2019, Youtube of a prior Lama Nachman talk to ANU