More Delays for Next Generation US Aircraft Carrier

The new Gerald Ford Aircraft carrier has been delayed to repair Ford’s nuclear propulsion system, Advanced Weapons Elevators and software.

The carrier will be capable of carrying up to 90 aircraft, including the F-35 stealth fighter, F18 super hornet fighters and more.

Sortie rates for the Gerald Ford will increase to 160 sorties a day compared with 140 a day for the Nimitz Class.

There is 25-30% a higher sortie rate at 160 sorties a day with surges to a maximum of 220 sorties a day in times of crisis and intense air warfare activity, has led to design changes in the flight deck.

The flight deck has a relocated a smaller island, while there are three rather than four deck-edge elevators. 

6 thoughts on “More Delays for Next Generation US Aircraft Carrier”

  1. The bugs will get worked out with this new class of carrier eventually. I suspect it will be operational for a decade or more before China makes their home grown carrier so. Future Ford class carriers won’t have these issues. Creating new stuff is hard.

  2. The ship is basically the first of its kind. I don’t think anyone is surprised by the issues its having. What is more interesting is when things like this go without any snags.

  3. Using military to carry a political agenda always goes badly and the US military has not had a clear mission since WW2 – Korea was a fail, started Vietnam and lied to invade Iraq/Afghanistan and Iran- all fails- Kuwait worked because the fighting was over so fast the politicians hadn’t worked how to undermine the military – and most military leaders are trying to stop fighting not start it only morons want war (read politicians and arm chair warriors) and the US insistance on nice guy soldiers WTF look at the brits or Russians

  4. they could not even take down Assad, nor Iran, nor Maduro, nor Putin

    That’s only because of lack of political will, not military capability.

    Most US politicians are bunch of America-hating wussies like Matteo.

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