Momentus Water-Plasma Space Transportation Service #SpaceAccess2019

Momentus will have its first launch June 27, 2019. They have $9 million in seed funding and have $20 million in customer contracts. The first mission is called El Camino Real and is the pathfinder mission.

Joel Sercel is presenting on Momentus Space’s Water-Plasma Propelled In-Space Transportation Services.

The system is super-safe and can be transported on the seat of a commercial airplane.

In 3-4 years, there will be 1500 small sats launched per year without including the mega-constellation satellites and Momentus sees these small satellites as a large potential market.

Nextbigfuture first covered Momentus Space in November, 2018.

$1.2 million for 1 kilometer per second of delta-V for the Vigoride product.
All later systems on their roadmap have 6 kilometers per second of delta-V.

They use microwaves to heat water. A resonant cavity superheats water to plasma (ionized gas) at several thousand degrees kelvin.

Vigoride Extended will be able to take 200 kilogram from low-earth orbit to lunar orbit. It could take 300 kilograms from low-earth orbit to GEO.
The cost would be $100,000/kg.

Ardoride would be able to move a few thousand kilograms.

They will have 2 to 3 times the ISP of chemical rockets.

They can dispense multiple satellites in different orbits and keep going.

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