Next Gen Tiltrotor Much Faster than Helicopters and Will Fly Unmanned

The Tiltrotor Bell Valor V280 tiltrotor is now 55% faster than the maximum speed of the Blackhawk helicopter. The V280 is competing to replace helicopters as part of the Future Lift program.

The Army wants it to be able to fly unmanned for some missions. Bell plans an initial autonomy test by the end of this year.

4 thoughts on “Next Gen Tiltrotor Much Faster than Helicopters and Will Fly Unmanned”

  1. My bet is still on Sikorsky But then I also like it because so much of the work was done in house on the companies dime.

  2. The Valor has set a new speed record few days ago 300knts or 360mils per hour.  I think now it has evened out with the V-22.  It now matches the highest speed aspirations of the marines not to mention the army.

  3. I believe both the V-22 and AW609 “older-gen” tiltrotors are slightly faster than the “next-gen” V-280. A CH-47 can also leave a (much smaller) Blackhawk in the dust.

    However, I would agree that the V-280 JMR flight demonstrator is a very nice piece of work by the Bell team. Definitely worthy of being the US Army’s choice for FVL.

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