SpaceX Falcon Heavy Launch and Landings Were Fully Successful

The second SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket launch and first commercial launch and all three booster landings were fully successful. They launched the Arabsat 6A communications satellite from Kennedy Space Center’s historic Launch Pad 39A. The fairings were also recovered for the first time.

They successfully deployed Arabsat-6A to geosynchronous transfer orbit confirmed—completing Falcon Heavy’s first commercial mission.

Falcon Heavy’s center core has landed on the Of Course I Still Love You droneship. The first launch was not able to land the center core.

SOURCES- SpaceX, Youtube, Twitter
Written By Brian Wang

12 thoughts on “SpaceX Falcon Heavy Launch and Landings Were Fully Successful”

  1. I don’t like digital cameras. Imagine the digital blooming gopros would have done of a Saturn V launch.

    This is where Musk can learn from old Spacers.

    Use Film!!!!

  2. The cloud of rocket exhaust blocks the signal temporarily. The exhaust contains water vapor, which anyone who has used their mobile phone in the rain or around trees knows it cuts signal strength. The data is recorded, so you can see the landing videos later once they download/recover it.

  3. There’s something they don’t want us to see. They’re just too lame to make up a better excuse, so they’ll keep using the “unstable video connection” line over and over.

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