Tencent Keen Security Lab Tricks Tesla Autopilot into Oncoming Traffic

Tesla Autopilot recognizes lanes and assists control by identifying road traffic markings. Tencent Keen Labs proved that by placing interference stickers on the road, the Autopilot system will capture this information and make an abnormal judgment, which causes the vehicle to enter into the reverse lane. Tesla stated “a driver can easily override Autopilot at any time by using the steering wheel or brakes and should be prepared to do so at all times”. Tesla said this did not represent real-world problems and no drivers had encountered any of the report’s identified problems. At the Black Hat USA 2018 security conference, Keen Lab presented the first ever demonstration to remotely compromise the Autopilot system on a Tesla Model S.

Control Steering System with a Gamepad

After hacking the Autopilot system on the Tesla Model S(ver 2018.6.1), Keen Lab further proved that they control the steering system through the Autopilot system with a wireless gamepad, even when the Autopilot system is not activated by the driver.

SOURCES- Tencent Keen Labs, Tesla

Written By Brian Wang, Nextbigfuture.com

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