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big dataThe Next Big Data Debacle Could Involve Amazon and China

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Data is now essentially the lifeblood of today’s modern industries. Not only does it provide insights for effective decision-making but it can also be used to predict and influence consumer and user behavior. Companies like Amazon and Netflix, for instance, …

googleGoogle+ had security bug, did not report it and will shutdown consumer version

Google is shutting down Google+ the consumer version of Google+ in ten months. Google+ is better suited as an enterprise product where co-workers can engage in internal discussions on a secure corporate social network. A security bug allowed third-party developers …

securityApple and DHS deny China chip hacking of servers

Apple and DHS (Department of Homeland Security) have denied the Bloomberg report of China chip hacking the security of servers. Here is the DHS statement: The Department of Homeland Security is aware of the media reports of a technology supply …

blockchainWhat Does the Future of Personal Data Look Like in a Post-GDPR World?

Between blockchain technology, artificial intelligence (AI), and plenty of other buzz-worthy topics in the tech world over this past year, there’s another giant topic that must not be forgotten: privacy. Of course, privacy concerns were on everyone’s minds after the …

bitcoinRussia’s attempted voter hacking used malware and $95000 worth of bitcoin

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Twelve members of russian intelligence were indicted for trying to hack the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, the Democratic National Committee, and the presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton using malware. They released information on the internet under the names “DCLeaks” and …

internetIncapsula Review and Installation Process

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Incapsula is a cloud-based application delivery service that enables online businesses of all sizes to enjoy enterprise-grade website security, performance and availability. Incapsula includes a best-of-breed web application firewall, comprehensive DDoS protection, a global content delivery network, and an application …

blockchainIoT Chain provides security, efficiency and lower cost for the internet of things

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IoT Chain is developing blockchain to secure the internet of things against bots. It will also be more energy efficient and provides lower costs.

blockchainMyntum will help secure your digital assets

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Myntum is a new blockchain company that has goal of securing your digital assets. Nextbigfuture interviewed two Myntum co-founders at the Crypto Invest Summit in Los Angeles. Myntum was conceived after the Napa fires, when people had to restore their …

internetTwitter passwords exposed via bug

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Twitter advises all Twitter users to change their password. Twitter exposed all user passwords via a bug that stored passwords in plain text — without protecting them with any sort of encryption technology that would mask a Twitter user’s true …

cryptographyIBM predicts Lattice Cryptography will be big within 5 years to stop hackers

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IBM’s mission is to help their clients change the way the world works. There’s no better example of that than IBM Research’s annual “5 in 5” technology predictions. Each year, they showcase some of the biggest breakthroughs coming out of …