Tesla Shanghai Gigafactory Will Install Production Equipment in May 2019

Laoyaoba reports that Tesla production equipment will be installed in the Shanghai Gigafactory in May 2019. Some Tesla Shanghai Gigafactory production lines will be start mass-production by the end of 2019. This is reported from statements made at a Tuesday meeting with Tesla President of Automotive Jerome Guillen and Shanghai Deputy Mayor Wu Qing. They described the progress of the Gigafactory 3 buildout in the Shanghai Lingang Industrial Zone.

Tesla will start the installation of production equipment while still building other parts of the building.

On March 20th, the Tesla Gigafactory had two sets of steel structures for the roof grid successfully completed. The current Tesla construction project in China is progressing smoothly. The pile foundation construction has been completed and the steel structure construction of the plant has begun. The relevant project construction will be completed in May 2019.

SOURCES- Laoyaoba

Written By Brian Wang, Nextbigfuture.com

5 thoughts on “Tesla Shanghai Gigafactory Will Install Production Equipment in May 2019”

  1. They don’t have too much original tech. Their motors are perhaps better because of the use of hallback arrays (not their invention). The most unique thing about Tesla seems to be the unified cooling system, perhaps material-efficient wiring.

  2. That would still be near twice as expensive as a cheap car.
    A new Toyota Aygo cost less then 9500 USD around here.

    Not that would happen anytime soon. It would certainly require a different model as well. Devoid of expensive gimmics such as all that pointless glass surface, “self-driving” capabilities.

  3. Musk opened all his patents to the public long time ago. He is not afraid of copycats overtaking Tesla.

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