Avengers Endgame is $6.4 Million From Passing Avatar

Avenger’s Endgame global box office is $7.2 $6.8 $6.4 million from passing Avatar. The actual weekend box office results were better than the estimates and Monday had a good hold. Many who track movie box office on Youtube and a Forbes box office journalist had forecasted that Avenger’s Endgame would not pass Avatar because of it making only $5.5 million in North America on the first weekend of the re-release. However, Disney has been launching rolling re-release events in different countries and the foreign box office has been slow to report.

On Monday, July 15, Avengers Endgame added another $332K. This was less than a 20% drop from the prior Monday. This will put Avengers Endgame at $853 million domestically before the weekend. It is trailing Avatar globally by $6.4 million as of Monday and will be $5.4 million behind by Thursday without including the international box office for the week. A decent foreign hold and Endgame will be reported as passing Avatar on Sunday.

Endgame’s total went up about $7 million over the weekend. However, this was likely because the prior week was not reported in a timely way.

The re-release has Endgame tracking ahead of the final weeks of Star Wars the Force Awakens. This means that domestically Endgame will still get about $6-9 million domestically. Endgame is getting foreign box office of a few million each week. However, the complete tally is only being made once every week or two.

Endgame is close enough that the remaining domestic box office alone over the next three it will pass Avatar. However, if the foreign box office is properly reported and totaled, then Endgame should pass within two weeks. I think Endgame will end up passing Avatar by $5-15 million globally. However, once it is past Avatar then Disney would be more willing to promptly pull the movie from theaters. Disney only would want the title of highest-grossing global movie to help with DVD and Blue Ray sales and other marketing. Disney also owns Avatar. Avatar will be re-released ahead of or at near the same time as Avatar 2. Disney is able to have a win-win box office race with itself.

Note: the-numbers.com Avatar global box office undercounts $12 million from Argentina. So the Boxofficemojo Avatar box office of $2.788 billion in correct.

Adjusted for inflation, Gone with the Wind has probably made $4 billion globally.

Titanic would be ahead of Avatar with inflation-adjusted numbers.

Sources- Boxofficemojo.com, the-numbers.com
Written By Brian Wang

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  1. I would have loved a scene where the natives would assimilate a human
    with a pail of blue paint and a few tracts of rope.

  2. Nah, meant the infantile zampolites who enforce groupthink that contemporary motion pictures aren’t dreck.

    Negging (constructively) is the cure.

  3. I see you enjoy hating on popular things…


    What I find most insufferable are the phuctarded neckbeard fanboys.

  4. Avatar was a spectacular tour de force of the latest cinematography used to produce a $50 script that was copied from some after-school-special with the most stereotyped, predictable, characterization possible. If you watch the first 15 minutes you know exactly who would do what for the rest of the movie because it followed the exact story line that every other movie and TV show has used since 1970.

    Miners and natives? OK, the miners will turn out to be greedy and racist, but not so greedy that they don’t let their racism misguide them into not even choosing the most profitable decisions.
    The natives will turn out to be beautiful and spiritual and at one with nature.
    The one hero will go native, and turn out to be better at the native stuff than the actual natives are (because let’s face it, actual natives aren’t quite as good, not REALLY) and will lead the fight against his own side and blah, blah, blah.

    The only possible moment of suspense is whether the good, wholesome, spiritual, natives will win, defeating the evil, technological, polluting, probably white skinned baddies, or whether they will die gloriously thus achieving a moral victory.

    And then the paid shills for the movie company will go on and on about how this radical, subversive, script confounds all our expectations and runs totally against the existing narrative. Where the existing narrative is based on one cowboy film from 1948 that had the natives lose and the cowboys turn out to the good guys.

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