Elon Musk’s Neuralink Will Reveal Brain Interface Progress Within 23 Hours

Elon Musk’s brain interface company, Neuralink, will have a live-streamed event starting tomorrow, Tuesday, July 16 at 8PM PST.

* In November, 2018, Elon said Neuralink would create microcontrollers to further advance computer-brain interface technology.
* Elon has also said the brain interface technology could mitigate severe brain injuries (stroke, cancer lesion, congenital) in about four years.
* In 2018 Musk was interviewed on the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast. Elon said Neuralink would have something that would allow humans to effectively merge with artificial intelligence to help fight the rise of AI in general by machines. Elon said eventually anyone that wants superhuman cognition would have it. Neuralink could radically increase the bandwidth between humans and technology.

22 thoughts on “Elon Musk’s Neuralink Will Reveal Brain Interface Progress Within 23 Hours”

  1. First off, its than, not then. Second its they’re not there. You should learn how to use the two correctly. It makes you look dumb when posting. I know guys he went to school with and one lady who lived near him. He went to an all boys school that has produced a lot of rich and famous people. The two I know are also very wealthy, not billions wealthy, but very wealthy. When you assign motivation to other peoples thoughts, it usually reflects your own insecurities and personal shortcomings. His own dad says he’s a prick. Speaks volumes about him. As for bullying…just look at his comments when people disagree with him or call him back to reality. He’s been the bully on multiple occasions. Musk cares about himself. He gets rich from collecting subsidies from taxpayers! None of his schemes would work without subsidies. If he cared about everyone else as you claim, where’s his philanthropy? If he cared about the masses, solve an issue that doesn’t make you rich. Go fix the water situation in 3rd world countries. I love seeing people getting rich by actually helping the economy, not collecting corporate welfare.

  2. That’s the most dangerous part about AI argumentation… tweeter feeds about what you are thinking about…

  3. If everyone has superpowers, no one has. It’s just the new “normal”. Same with super-intelligence (or life extension, which receives similar objections). By medieval standards, we’re all wizards and witches already, but to us, we’re just normal.

    To put it another way, there are more “good” people than “bad” people, so the bad ones are outnumbered. So they would be fighting a loosing battle.

  4. Actually the evidence show Musk is more worried about other people then 95% of the people. He was also unmercifully bullied in school. Even pushed down a flight of stairs and knocked out by a couple of guys who he went to school with. Sounds like there still jealous.

  5. After all this time, anything short of and actual neural lace à la Banks, will be a massive disappointment to so many.

  6. If he’s grandstanding on this new company it means Tesla has bad #’s or info coming out. His usual misdirection. I just met a couple of guys who coincidentally went to school with Musk. They confirmed he’s a total self-centered egotistical prick.

  7. Our best bet to avert an AI apocalypse is to make “AI” mean “amplified intelligence”, so that it’s just us, no artificial intelligences to ever rebel against us.

    My only real worry about this is the relentless determination of IT companies to make money by violating their customers’ privacy and “nudging” them to make expensive choices. I’m 60, in another decade I might be willing to try an experimental brain implant to help me think. But not if it means FB has a direct line to my mind!

  8. From what I understand Mr. Musk also fears ultra intelligent AI. Therefore he wants to give the human mind advanced capability – super fast access to information and calculation resources (i.e. radically increased bandwidth to technology direct to the human mind). The human side remains in control but will be able to match the intelligence of any AI. … I am not so sure this is any less scary – we have proof that humans can have bad intentions – that is not yet established for an AI. It could be that with some effort we can create them to be far more benign than most people.

  9. Thats today’s norm now. When criticism is thrown your way, its bullying. Yikes, i grew up words being just that, words.

  10. I agree. The amount of publicity generated by this one photo, much less the event during which the moment was captured, is astounding. It was either purposeful and artfully premeditated, or wildly coincidental.

    If I had been Elon, and knew I was going to smoke weed for the first time during that particular interview, I’d have made DAMN sure to have a camera guy standing by to snap my derp-face.

  11. How is it bullying or disrespectful? It’s a public picture taken from a public interview, which has become a meme since then. If you think there’s anything negative about this picture, that’s just your own bias.

  12. I do kinda wonder what was going through Elon’s head when he made that face.
    Maybe “I’m probably gonna get a load of shut about this from a bunch of hypocrits who will say NOTHING about me drinking on the show…” (The scene after the toke is him looking at his glass of whiskey).

  13. Nice job Brian Wang. Once again the author of a article reveals his bias and prejudice in a bullying, disrespectful picture he did not even have the courage to take/shoot himself.

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