Will the Tesla Have a Record Breaking Quarter in Every Way?

In five days, Tesla will release its quarterly earnings. Elon Musk said a month ago that Tesla had a decent shot at having a record-breaking quarter in every way. Tesla did delivery a record number of cars with 95,200 cars delivered and 87,000 cars produced.

Tesla’s previous best quarter was Q4 of 2018 with 86,555 produced and 90,700 delivered.

Tesla had positive earnings in two previous quarters. They made $1.75 per share in 2018 Q3 and $0.78 per share in Q4 of 2018.

A record quarter would be more than $1.75 per share in earnings for the second quarter of 2019. If they earn more than $1.53 per share in 2019Q2 then Tesla would be profitable for a full year when the last four quarters are totaled. This would mean Tesla would have a PE ratio. This might be sustainable as Q3 and Q4 tend to be better for car sales and Tesla could start ramping up production at the China factory. The China factory will enable more cars to be produced and delivered and those should be more profitable cars because of lower production costs. The China factory will have some higher costs during its ramp-up phase.

2020 and 2021 are looking very good for Tesla. 2020 should see the China factory ramp-up to full production. Tesla could scale to 1 million cars per year with full production at two factories in 2021.

17 thoughts on “Will the Tesla Have a Record Breaking Quarter in Every Way?”

  1. Like I always say…the more Musk hypes anything prior to earnings, count on a big miss. Ta-da…down big for the day.

  2. I thought China only produced 5-10% of the worlds Lithium? Them limiting exports shouldn’t matter too much

  3. Quote “pie in sky”
    I don’t think so. Tesla is supposed to have a secret batter research facility. Everyone says it is for their current batteries but I don’t think so. That research facility will be for the maxell batteries. That is why its secret. They can NOT let out when they will start using the new batteries because they are so advanced to what is out there now, no one will buy a car till new batteries are used.

  4. “When” Maxell is incorporated in Tesla products you may have a point. At this stage Maxell is still pie in the sky. Tesla is battery constrained now, to the point they have hinted at mining. ( I don’t see that happening) Panasonic is either not able to buildup production or has issues with Tesla, I don’t know. The Tesla factory in China is Musk’s endrun around constraints. I imagine he has hopes of
    exporting batteries with the links he is developing with building in China.
    As we have heard China is suggesting it will limit export of lithium.
    Don’t get me wrong I am fully invested in Tesla, car and stock, but from the scuttalbutt it sounds like Powerwalls are slowwalked because of battery supply.
    Solar Panels are drifting out of Musk’s vision it appears.

  5. What raw materials do the solid state maxell batteries use(are they rare)? And will they be used in the tesla utility battery storage?

  6. That’s not saying much. The american people live better than 93% of the rest of the world. And thanks to President Trump that percentage is going up.

  7. I’m several decades younger than you and I’m doing better than 99% of the human race, I’m doing OK.

  8. I am just a 72 year old construction worker that knows next to nothing about stocks. But I bought 3 tesla options at a $210 strike price and 4 tesla options at a $270 strike price. So far, in the last couple of weeks, I have made almost $14,000 on them, how are you doing?

  9. The likely candidate being “Société des moulins de Bazacle(Bazacle Milling Company)”

    Interesting history.

  10. Over the truly long term, all stocks head to zero.

    I think a couple of independent businesses have lasted for several hundred years, but that’s the limit. There was a mill or something in France that was a separate, independent business since about the 1200s. Till some history hating socialists nationalised it in the 1960s.

  11. MY question to Rick is where will Tesla get enough raw materials to make utility battery storage a real thing?
    I’m not even open to the idea solar is in your computation.

  12. Now as far as their energy division, if your talking solar not batteries I would not bet on them. Too much competition.

  13. Putting aside the automotive portion of the company, which has its own glowing future growth potential, the real growth will come from their energy division.

  14. I own tesla stock, I would be crazy not to. There is only one way that stock is headed, long term.

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