What is Hot in Disruptive Technology? #suglobalsummit

Insights from the Frontlines of VC:
Scott Barclay, Partner, Data Collective;
Amy LaMeyer, WXR Fund,
Will Weisman, Executive Director, Summits, Singularity University,
Neal Bhadkamkar; Bold Ventures
Nishita Henry, Chief Innovation Officer, Deloitte, moderator

Scott Barclay feels we are close to a major AI technology winner. This winner will need great AI technology and empathy for the applications and use cases.

Amy LaMeyer’s WXR Fund invests in early-stage companies that are creating solutions for the next wave of computing.

Neal Bhadkamkar likes inobtrusive devices that provide powerful and useful data collection.

Will Weisman feels the alternatives to meat is exciting and that there is new wave of high potential space investments.

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  1. Again, less video, more text. Other news and news aggregation sites I’ve liked have done this in the past, but once they get too far down that road, they are dead to me.

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