Cybertruck Beats Rivian and Ford on Price, Range and Other Specifications

The Cybertruck pickup bed is 2 feet longer than the Rivian and it is one foot longer overall.

230.9 inches long and sports a 149.9-inch wheelbase with a 6.5-foot-long, 57-inch-wide bed out back. The Rivian is 217.1 inches long overall and has a 135.8 in wheelbase with a 4.5 foot-long bed behind it.

The Cybertruck should be able to tow a maximum of 14,000 pounds and Rivian R1T will have a max tow capacity of 11,000 pounds. The Telsa Cybertruck (3,350 pounds) will almost double the Max payload capacities of the Rivian (1,760 pounds).

Rivian R1T 180 kW-hr battery will have 400 miles of range.
Rivian R1T 105 kW-hr battery will get 230 miles of range.
Ford Mustang Mach-e 210 miles to 300 miles of range on a full charge.
Ford Mustang Mach-e will start at $43,895 and the top-line model cost roughly $60,500 for the GT.
Tesla Cybertruck will get 250 to over 500 miles.
The entry-level Mustang Mach-E with a $7,500 tax credit starts at $36,395.

Rivian 160 Kw will charge the 180 kW-hr truck from five to 80 percent in about 50 minutes.
The V3 Supercharger 250kw charged a compatible Model 3 from 5 to 90 percent in 37 minutes.

The Cybertruck powertrain will make around 690 hp and 824 lb-ft of torque.
Ford Mustang Mach-e will have about 459 horsepower and 612 lb.-ft. of torque.

Rivian claims less than three seconds to 60 mph.
Tesla tri-motor Cybertruck will hit that speed in 2.9 seconds.
Ford Mustang Mach-e will be about 3.5 seconds for 0 to 60 mph.

The quickest truck MotorTrend has ever tested was the 2008 Toyota TRD Supercharged and got to 60 mph in 4.8 seconds.

The Rivian R1T is going to start at around $69,000. Tesla Cybertruck will start at $39,900 and go up to $69,900.

Ford F-150 2020

The Ford F-150 MSRP starts at $28,495
Towing capacity: 5,000 to 8,000 lbs.
MPG: Up to 22 city / 30 highway
Horsepower: 250 to 450 hp
Engine: 2.7 L V6, 3.0 L V6 diesel, 3.3 L V6, 3.5 L V6, 5.0 L V8

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