Carnival of Space 657

1. Universe Today – This Powerful Ion Engine Will Be Flying on NASA’s DART Mission to Try and Redirect an Asteroid

2. Universe Today – Even More Repeating Fast Radio Bursts Discovered

3. Universe Today – Following Comet Y1 ATLAS: the ‘Lost Comet’ of Spring

4. Universe Today – How Researchers Produce Sharp Images of a Black Hole

5. Universe Today – The three-body problem shows us why we can’t accurately calculate the past.

6. The Hill – The coronavirus pandemic argues for more funding for NASA’s Artemis program, not less.

7. LPI Releases a Series of Earth Day Posters Inspired by Apollo

8. Chandra X-Ray Space Telescope Blog – How To Do Particle Physics With Chandra

9. Seti at Home – How Did Life Begin-On Earth and Elsewhere

10. Nextbigfuture – SpaceX Dragon XL Will Supply 5 Tons to the NASA Lunar Gateway

11. Nextbigfuture – SpaceX SN3 Starship Stacked and Will Test Hop 150 Meters Next Week

The SpaceX SN3 Starship is stacked and will have a test hop for 150 meters this week. This is assuming that the pressure tests and other preparations have no issues.

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