External Walls and Roof of Tesla Giga Berlin On Track for August Completion

Tesla is using large cranes to put pre-constructed wall and roof sections into place for the Gigafactory in Berlin. This appears to be on track to reach the completion of the outside building structure by the end of August. This would place the factory at about the June 2020 stage of Tesla Shanghai. There would then be the installation of air condition equipment and ducts, electrical and lighting and installation of factory equipment. Tesla Shanghai completed those phases from June to September in 2019.

Timelapse Satellite Photos Comparing Tesla Gigafactories Under Construction

Tesla Shanghai Construction From February to November 2019

Jay in Shanghai showed Tesla Shanghai progress every week to two weeks with drone video.

SOURCES- Torque News, Jay in Shanghai, giga berlin
Written by Brian Wang, Nextbigfuture.com (Brian owns shares of Tesla)