SpaceX Almost Has 100 Orbital Launches But Blue Origin is Just Suborbital

A little over a year ago, I was at an event where there was a panel of people from various space startups and space investment funds. They asked the panel if they believed more in SpaceX or Blue Origin. Remarkably, two of the panelists actually said they had greater belief in Blue Origin. I feel that statement was insane. The way to measure rocket companies is how many times they successfully launch and launching sub-orbital is a hundred tiem

Blue Origin has had 12 flights that barely made it over 60 miles in altitude.

Blue Origin was founded in 2000 and SpaceX was founded in 2002. SpaceX should have its 100th orbital launch this month.

The Rocket Lab Electron rocket is more successful in my opinion than Blue Origin. Electron has flow to orbit three times in 2020. Rocket Labs is working on recovering and reusing their first stage booster.

Blue Origin has been working on the BE-4 engine. A BE-4 engine was delivered to United Launch Alliance for testing. ULA would use the BE-4 for its Atlas V and Vulcan rockets. Seven BE-4 engines would be on the booster stage of the Blue Origin New Glenn Rocket. 2021, is supposed to be a big year for Blue Origin and the BE-4. Supposedly there will be tests flights with ULA and a New Glenn flight. We will see if those happen on schedule.

The SpaceX competition is China with 26 successful orbital launches in 2020 versus about 16 for SpaceX. Europe has four launches (Ariane and Vega rockets). Russia has had 11 launches.

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Written By Brian Wang,