Vietnam and South Korea Economies Relatively OK in 2020 Pandemic

Vietnam has increased its 2020 GDP growth target to 3.0% according to the VN Express. The target is 0.5 percentage points higher than the target announced last month.

Vietnam has been among the most successful countries at containing Covid-19. They stopped COVID in March and July.

Vietnam’s GDP growth fell to a 10-year low of 2.12 percent in the first nine months. The US appears like it will shrink by 4% in 2020 and Europe could shrink by 8%. In 2019, Vietnam had 7.0% GDP growth.

South Korea is doing fairly well with an estimate of -0.8% GDP growth for 2020 from the IMF. This estimate was increased from the previous estimate. South Korea has 25% of its trade with China. China is expecting about 3% GDP growth for 2020. South Korea has also had very good handling of the pandemic.

Written By Brian Wang,

3 thoughts on “Vietnam and South Korea Economies Relatively OK in 2020 Pandemic”

  1. You've done a terrible job at it.
    Didn't take Covid seriously enough early on.
    Also requires all people to follow mask wearing, social distancing, high hygiene
    measures for the greater good, instead of recalcitrants living in denial about
    Covid or expressing their constitutional rights to do as they please cause 'merican.

  2. Well let me tell you that here in CA we aren't pretending the virus away, we're following "the science" and keeping everything closed. All of our efforts haven't really saved significantly more lives but on the plus side Disney just laid off 28,000 so lots of new instacart drivers are now available.

  3. These are two countries that took the pandemic *seriously*. Vietnam has over 98% mask usage. South Korea did a really great job with contact tracing and isolation.

    Vietnam has 95 million people and a long border with China, and American journalists there confirm that they're doing great.

    Meanwhile, in the U.S. we're trying to revive our economy by pretending the virus away.

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