Near Term Future of Manned Space Flights

The SpaceX – NASA Crew 1 flight is scheduled to fly this weekend with four astronauts to the International Space Station.

There are nine Crew Dragon flights contracted to carry crew. Seven are contracted by NASA (one crewed test flight and six operational crew rotation missions) and one for private companies Axiom Space and another for Space Adventures.

Boeing has one more uncrewed test flight to prove the safety and effectiveness of the manned Starliner capsule. If that goes well then they will have a crewed flight in mid-2021.

A True Manned Space Age Would Start With a Successful SpaceX Super Heavy Starship

The SpaceX Starship is nearing 15000-meter test flight. The SpaceX Superheavy Starship should reach orbital flights early in 2021 and it will take many unmanned orbital flights before it will get certified for manned travel.

SOURCES- NASA, SpaceX, Boeing, Wikipedia
Written by Brian Wang,